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PHOENIX AFROBEAT ORCHESTRA [PAO] proudly carries the musical and social torch that was first lit by the powerful duo of FELA KUTI and TONY ALLEN, original inventors of the Afrobeat sound. Led by funky heiress Camille Sledge, the 16-strong orchestra is comprised of the most ambitious and outrageous musicians in Phoenix today - making it the hottest super-group on the hot city scene!

Beginning with a strict repertoire comprised of classic Afrobeat music, PAO has now penned an abundance of original material that melds the eclectic heritage of the ensemble with that classic Afrobeat style. The outcome is a truly powerful sound that pays homage to the masters while maintaining a fierce individuality. Details of upcoming releases are in the works now, so keep your ear to the pavement.

From concert hall to street fair, fashion show to fundraiser, PAO has shared the stage with such musical icons as George Clinton and The Roots, as well as lesser-known masters as wide-ranging as Turkuaz and Morris Alan.

PAO packs a knockout sonic punch that makes the listener stumble back in awe...before shaking some booty.
— Phoenix Magazine
The video rides a pulsing groove from the opening frames to the last, and for every second the group plays with a formidable tightness and feel.
— Ben Naddaff-Hafrey, NPR Music
The band brings together a diverse and seriously talented group of musicians from around town. They have joined forces to showcase the Afrobeat sound, which weaves together jazz, funk, percussion, and chant-style vocals. Together, their union has created a force that showcases precision, skill, and soulful sincerity.
— Amy Young, Phoenix New Times
Phoenix Afrobeat Orchestra combines a global sound with a long roster of musical heavy-hitters for a big band effect that shakes the walls as it enlivens the soul.
— Yab Yum Music & Arts
On stage, the band is a commanding force. The singers sway in unison and the horn quartet hits all their notes in unison. They make up everything that an orchestra should: strong as individuals, yet selfless in allowing the band to speak as a whole.
— Domenico Nicosia, Downtown Devil
In part I love PAO because they inspire me to dance, not all bands do. But I also appreciate the beautiful music that this large group of experienced musicians make together. It’s not like a typical band, it is an Afrobeat Orchestra. I highly recommend you check out one of their shows as soon as humanly possible, and as I always say, please come dressed to drip sweat on the floor.
— Nicole Parasida, Echo Cloud

PAO Role Call:

Camille Sledge (Vocals, Leader of Rituals)

Andria Bunnell (Vocals)

Chanel Bragg (Vocals)

Mitch Freedom (Vocals/Guitar)


Aldy Montufar (Trumpet/Music Director)

Jeff Jones (Tenor Saxophone)

Zach Lewis (Trombone)


David Marquez (Bass/Founder)

Illya Riske (Guitar)

Zach 'Yojimbo Billions' Vogt (Keyboard)


Dave Cosme (Percussion)

Joel Oroz (Drum Kit)

Scott White (Congas/Percussion)